Craig Brown, CBPhysio - Sports Massage for All

Sports Massage for All

Whether you're an athlete, a busy parent or sat at a desk, most people will experience the stress and tension that can build up in soft tissue causing tightness, aches and pain. Sports massage techniques can help maintain a range of motion and flexibility, accelerate recovery from injury, overuse or postural weakness.

I use deep tissue massage to manipulate the structures under the skin, stretch out tight muscles, iron out muscular knots and ease the discomfort of muscular aches and pains.

CBPhysio Sports Massage - Down to Deep Tissue

Down to Deep Tissue

Sports massage is an intense use of stretching, compression, friction and trigger pointing techniques to bring about a release of tension. Deep tissue massage assists in the removal of metabolic waste and improves your general circulation and lymphatic flow. Over time this kind of massage encourages the remodelling of scar tissue which may have built up following injury or surgery, all of which help to improve efficiency and performance for a sporting hobby, or general life.

CBPhysio Sports Massage - focus on back pain

Focus on Back Pain

Do you have to lie flat on your back to feel comfortable? Back problems are the most common source of chronic pain. Poor posture, over training and cutting corners with technique can allow pain and secondary conditions to develop. Sometimes one physio session is enough to diagnose the problem and advise you on the best course of action - this may be as simple as taking you through stretches and exercises.

Your condition may be more deep seated and require a combination of deep tissue manipulation and a personal rehabilitation program. Most pain is treatable, so come along and see if I can help.


Pre and Post Event Sports Massage

Pre event massage increases circulation, warms and stimulates the muscles ready for action. It helps reduce the time it takes for them to warm up during the race/event and potentially can improve performance as well as reducing risk of injury.

Post event massage aids the removal of metabolic waste and lactic acid build up from fatigued muscles. It helps the muscles to cool down and relax after strenuous work as well as enabling the athlete to return to training sooner.

Treat yourself and your friends to a training session with a before and after massage with CBPhysio. It's a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with your training friends.

CBPhysio Sports Massage as a Preventative Therapy

Sports Massage as a Preventative Therapy

Sports medicine increasingly recognises the role of sports massage to help maintain flexibility and increase the range of motion. Sports massage also enables the muscles to remain pliable & less stiff thus increasing the muscles efficiency and reduces the risk of injury.